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CCA resources provide tried and true business intelligence. They are utilized to successfully drive change at the highest levels of VC backed start ups through Fortune 5 multinational organizations. Each subject matter in the Resource Hub offers a free piece of content on that subject, a paid strategic presentation on the subject and paid virtual advisory services. Over time, resource materials may be updated if new insight and innovation has led to proven improvement on results.  Follow us on social media to be notified of updated material.

Please consider to download the free piece of content before deciding to purchase the paid strategic presentation as there cannot be any refunds once you have the paid material in your possession. Virtual advisory services can be refunded, if you deem necessary, only after the initial introductory call. Once the virtual advisory engagement has commenced in earnest, payment will not be refunded.

FREE Downloads and Paid Downloads:

After online payment, you will receive links to download the digital products on the thank you page, as well as, by email. Advisory services download includes an agenda and additional CCA contact information. If you choose offline payment for paid downloads, you will receive the links to the downloads after we determine your preference for payment and after payment is received.

Utilize regular checkout process for all FREE downloads. You simply place the order (no payment info is required) and you will receive the link for the free download you selected by email.
**To learn more about a specific resource, please
click on the digital product image to be directed to the product page.**
Digital Transformation Opportunity Identification 
  "On-the-Spot" Advisory Services 
Category Specific Solutions:
Accountability in Teams
Business Process Outsourcing
Covid-19 Solutions - Staffing
Customer Service Success: Customer Effort
Quality Assurance Programs
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