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Below are just a few examples of projects and programs we delivered.
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Training Curriculum and Workforce Management

Design training curriculum informed by critical evaluation, benchmarking against post pandemic industry best practices and cross calibration with recently revamped training materials. Redesign training delivery methodology and workflows including micro and macro feedback models. Completed wireframe of curriculum, mini-manuals and modules with screenshots, google slides and trainer guides, as well as a skills-based career model.

Consent and Preference Management

Integrating the complex systems and customer experience surrounding omnichannel outbound communication (Calls, emails, text ) to not only capture customer consent to reach out, but also create the capability for customer channel preference at a communication/product level. 

Customer Experience Transformation

Aligning the various customer contact organizations, technology and service delivery models to provide an integrated customer experience across a large and complex enterprise.

Global Service Delivery Models

Engineering and deploying an effective global service delivery model that leverages lower cost while maintaining customer quality.  This included working with the offshore and onshore teams to ensure collaboration and reduce defects/rework to deliver a significantly stronger product for customers. CCA developed the technology as well as the leadership models with hands-on re-engineering of the processes.

Retail Service Centralization

Creating and delivering a centralized service to support retail / clinical phone calls that allow the teams in the stores to do what they do best, engage customers in person. This was especially complex due to the healthcare regulatory environment but CCA delivered incremental lift through the reduction of poor service often given at the busy retail store. 

Omnichannel/Service Technology Standardization

Consolidating the multitude of legacy service technology platforms onto an integrated CRM platform. (Salesforce Service Cloud) This gives the servicing teams the visibility to help the customer and have a seamless continuation of the conversation across different channels and products.

Enterprise Voice of the Customer 

Utilizing extensive data from the contact centers, employee and customer surveys and social media we created a monthly view for the senior leadership of a large retail organization. CCA gave them a view of what customers are experiencing (both the good and the bad) so they had an unfiltered understanding of the business challenges to tackle. 

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