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CONSULTING: Includes a Custom Deliverable

CONSULTING: Includes a Custom Deliverable


Digital Transformation Opportunity Identification


For paid consulting services, if you choose the Offline purchase option you will be contacted to determine your preference for payment. Upon receipt of payment (Online or Offline), the download link for the introductory agenda will be automatically sent to you via email and you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a day/time for the introductory call.


We will coordinate and facilitate a virtual assessment of the operations through the lens of People, Process and Technology to identify transformation opportunities. Depending on where you are in terms of your current state of modernization these opportunities may evolve around  automation, customer engagement and all the way through the latest thinking in digital transformation and customer experience. The output also includes a high level analysis of the effort, timing & impact of those opportunities. The final deliverable is a playbook of opportunities that the business can then decide how and when they would like to attack.


This engagement would take place over 3-4  weeks through virtual meetings and or in person discussions. Travel would be additionally billed as pass through charges.


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