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Anonymized, classified or identified - on or off the record - we always appreciate when the people we work with take the time to comment on our effort.
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"Customer Care Advisory did a fantastic job with an extended engagement in my Sales Call Center. The organization was in a leadership transition as well as navigating from a small, simple outbound cold calling sales team to a fast growing multi-channel inbound/outbound sales team. CCA seamlessly dropped into my leadership, navigated the organization and culture with little effort from me, and built a roadmap to operational excellence. They then proceeded to put the foundations in place and helped us recruit and onboard the next permanent leader. 


We are still working off that roadmap and have posted steady performance progress. Truly an impactful piece of work and Troy is an absolute pleasure to work with.  

Tamara Jurgenson

Chief Growth Officer

Oak Street Health 

Tamara Jurgenson | LinkedIn


"Rose Pest Solutions partnered with Customer Care Advisory and Troy Mills to launch our Customer Care Center. We had previous experience with Customer Care Centers, but we needed a go to source to help streamline the set-up process and provide industry standard metrics for performance. Troy and his team worked side by side with us from furniture purchase, to systems, to interviews of staff, and finally to launch. 

The Customer Care Advisory expertise allowed our Care Center to launch successfully and after getting through the initial change in process for the organization, we realized exponential growth in business. This growth was fostered by having the data at our fingertips to make appropriate decisions about marketing, lead sources, and product offerings. By having a better gauge of our overall business, we enjoyed a 62% increase in base business over a 30-month period. 

Customer Care Advisory has the breadth of knowledge and experience to help make what seems like climbing a mountain into a light jog around the track. I would highly recommend the Customer Care Advisory team to any business investigating the feasibility of launching an internal Customer Care or Call Center."

Curtis A. Rand 
Vice President of Operations

Rose Pest Solutions

Curtis Rand | LinkedIn

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