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CCA introduces a revolutionary training program and toolkit designed specifically for leaders of a distributed workforce to dramatically improve the employee experience and engagement levels.
Self Paced eLearning modules easily upload into your training catalog on your existing LMS. Customize the existing modules to your brand and/or keep them on our LMS as they are currently designed. 
Select from our substantial collection of modules or allow us to customize a module that meets your specific requirements. We are also ready to be briefed and then allow our world-renowned instructional design team to
create a bespoke
eLearning module to create maximum impact. 
Each module is 30-45 minutes depending on whether you watch all the videos or do the additional reading. Each module includes videos, animations, downloadable PDFs and links to further reading sites. The modules look and function exceptionally well on cell phones and other devices so your leaders can complete them on the move.
Are you ready for your frontline managers and team leaders to develop the skills needed to build a motivated, high performing team and transform your distributed work environment into a thriving corporate culture?
Contact us anytime to schedule a demo or to discuss this cutting edge training for the new economy.
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Designed in cooperation with an award-winning education & training provider to deliver impactful, high quality learning experiences.
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A true driver of business value, distributed workforce leadership training provides a distinct competitive advantage for your organization.
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