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Happy Customer Service Week - Is One Week Enough?

The first week of October is National Customer Service Week, where companies show appreciation for those in who working to make their companies shine with customers. It is always a fun time in the contact centers and the energy created by these activities just amazes every time. As I said, I love CS week, but I am going to challenge that one week is just not enough! We should be celebrating out CS teams every week and making them feel like they make a difference to our customers and the business. Just think of how much better a positively engaged employee will treat your customers and improve your brand image.

Companies that listen to their teams and the voice of the customer inevitably make better customer focused decisions which benefit them in the long run. How has your company celebrated those who impact your customers every day? More importantly, as you walk through the rows of cubicles with streamers and signs for today’s activities, hopefully you can stop and ask your team members. “What can we do to make your lives better and your jobs easier?” You might be amazed at just how easy the answers are and how impactful they can be on both your customers and your brand.

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